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CAEL Assessment Office

CAEL Assessment Office [new] at Carleton University

The CAEL Assessment Office came to PI Web Solutions with a Perl-based E-commerce system that was designed by a third party that was no longer available.

Perl Consulting Services

The CAEL office owns the web application on-line that is integral to their business processing. When there are upgrades to be made or items to be done better, design meetings were held to assess the problem that needed to be solved, and give a high-level design of the solution. Packages and Libraries have been integrated into the CGI web application to make long-term maintenance easier. Student Account Management system is an example of a solution to the problem of getting customers to be able to access important documents online at anytime instead of having to contact CAEL staff for the document.

SQL Database Management

Web Host Management

The CAEL Assessment office was able to maintain compliance with the standards set by the University of Carleton. The entire website was moved from a Web Host in the United States to a Canadian Web Host.
PI Web Solutions handled the transfer of all technical items, such as certificates and DNS nameservers. CAEL staff were given detailed information before, during and after the transfer. The e-Commerce provider was also changed to a new system. Data is collected from the registration process to form HTTP requests to third party. Status of the transactions are received and updates to internal data are made.


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