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Friedberg Mercantile Group

Freidberg Mercantile Group Ltd. [new]

Friedberg had a new website designed, however the current business processing methods were not updated to work with the new website. PI Web Solutions developed web server applications that would take the data from current business processing and publish it online.

Perl Consulting Services

The Custom CMS for Friedberg was coded in Perl due to its strength in handling data processing. In particular, publishing documents to HTML. Perl is a strong language for online web applications.

Ajax and Javascript Services

PI Web Solutions created (with Javascript and Ajax) quick access to CMS functions on a page that the user is currently browsing. A valid login was detected, and then a special menu bar was made available when browsing the website. An open source Javascript application was created to handle the editing of the content pages with a similar interface to Microsoft Word.

Already have a working business process? There is a CPAN (Comprehensive Perl Archive Network) Module to help...

Perl Modules were installed to a live web server to handle data provided by Friedberg staff and to publish it online. These modules were so intiutive that the Friedberg staff did not need training. The impact to day-to-day operations was minimal as the staff did not need to change how their data was collected and stored.

Web Host Management

Due to security and highly-sensitive data, the webserver was moved in house. The software CMS created for Friedberg needed a particular web server configuration in Apache and the local Perl libraries. Friedberg technical staff received consulting from PI Web Solutions on how to configure the webserver to best run the application.


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