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for Immediate Release July 12, 2011

Two University of Waterloo graduates chose Cambridge, Ontario as home for both their family and their business. Parents to 4 year old Freedom and 2 year old Ocean, and co-founders of PI Web Solutions, Inc., decided to start their own business 2 months ago so that they could create a better work-life balance by building their careers and their family life under one roof.

PI Web Solutions is a small business that specializes in online marketing (search engine optimization, and social media), custom programming (web and phone applications, and databases) and professional writing (web content, white papers, newsletters and blogs).

Part of their desire for starting a business was to help other small businesses with online marketing and web technologies. “We know how challenging it is to start a business and how overwhelming it can be to wear so many hats as a start-up entrepreneur.”

As part of the commitment to help other start-ups, they are offering new and growing businesses a chance to enter a contest to win a website, web application, search engine or social media package or a professional writing package. “We want to help other small businesses, especially those with families, create that work-life balance.”

"When I first became a mom I started to notice all of the media debates surrounding the dichotomy of the stay at home vs working parents - and we are very happy to have subverted that dichotomy to create something new, something that works for our family and our careers. In the parenting debates, there is this idea presented in the media that there is only one choice: staying at home or going to work. But after I started to research this topic, I realized that so many parents find alternatives that work for them, whether it is starting a home business, or telecommuting, or team tagging. It is now hip to be an involved parent, especially an involved father, and we are so grateful that the paradigm is shifting to allow parents more flexibility so that they don't have to choose between being involved parents and having an exciting career. It's a lot of work, but it can be done, and we are living proof."

The event will have a bouncy castle, an inflatable slide, carnival games, picnic games, a magic show by Captain Cam and a performance by Ronno. There will also be burgers, hotdogs, snow cones, cookies, Freezies and popcorn for sale.

PI Web Solutions is offering 30 free tickets to every 30th person that RSVPs.

For more details, please visit:

Charity BBQ page.

All proceeds will go to the United Way.

About PI Web Solutions, Inc.:

PI Web Solutions, Inc. is your IT Partner. We provide a full-range of IT services that grow with your business: custom web design to attract visitors; web applications that streamline your business processes to save you time and money; custom programming specific to your business needs; search engine optimization, social media and Internet marketing packages to improve your online visibility; and copywriting and editing services to create company documents and content that sells your unique market niche with clear, concise and error-free prose.